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Amy, 35

During the last year I have hit goals with my fitness and training, including my nutrition and this wouldn’t be possible if the gym and equipment wasn’t as accessible as it has been.

Angie, 46

AGW do an amazing job and I would recommend them to everyone!

Anna, 37

Being part of a lovely supportive group, with an excellent personal trainer has helped me progress miles beyond what I have ever done before.

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Anne-Marie, 44

Everyone in the gym is like a family, good to learn from others, and Adam is always on hand, and happy to assist or answer any questions.

Brian, 68

The gym is very welcoming to whatever fitness level you wish to attain too and it is a relaxed atmosphere.

Dave, 34

The facilities are brilliant, and the environment is second to none, the team and other members are always welcoming, personable and friendly.

Diane, 48

Adam and the team always make you feel welcome and the atmosphere is very friendly and supportive.

Diane, 48

I am loads fitter and stronger and have lost both weight and cm’s which is fantastic.

Drew, 31

I joined AGW after the lockdown and having never really enjoyed/stuck to a gym before, it has been great. People of all ages and fitness levels too, all of which are really friendly.

Gary, 58

I began my journey with AGW following a chance discussion with a friend and found life changing benefits.

Ian, 59

The standards have remained insanely high! Oh, and I should also mention the frequent laughter and warm friendship has made it easy to keep turning up despite knowing I will be pushed to work that bit harder. And yes, my heath has been completely transformed.

Ian, 60

Thanks also to all you fellow team mates for the laughs and encouragement, hope to see you in the next phase. 😀

Ian, 64

Small but perfectly formed, the gym has all the equipment you could need, plus easy access to the rugby ground and open countryside should something al fresco be more your bag.

John, 38

AGW Fitness has been an relaxed and motivational place to workout. Its never over crowded, well-stocked on equipment and very friendly. Its ideal for people who want a good gym without any hassle. Its honestly one of the best gyms I've ever used.

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Julia, 56

Training with AGW is a positive and fun experience for me and I’m optimistic about the results I’ll see going forward - Thankyou for your support :)

Lee, 48

I have recently smashed 3 PBs at running events and am feeling so much fitter and healthier.

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Leo, 53

There is no way I would have achieved what I have without AGW's personal trainers keeping me on the straight and narrow.

Linda, 66

I was particularly keen on trying the group personal training sessions & although the first couple were challenging I found both Adam & Abi incredibly supportive.

Linda, 66

The programme has certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I am on track to lose my excess stone & feel fitter than I have done in years.

Mark, 51

A great Gym. Small but all the kit is in perfect condition and the booking system means it’s never overcrowded. Adam and the team are friendly and always on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Mike, 72

I always seemed to suffer injuries and did not improve my fitness until I started with a PT at AGW. One of my best decisions and thanks to Adam and the team hope to continue for many years.

Patrick, 38

The staff are all very friendly and happy to help and there's a very laidback atmosphere that's a big difference from other gyms I've used.

Rob, 51

AGW is a great place to make a change to your health and fitness.

Robert, 69

I have been a member for 4 years at AGW and have always found Adam and all his staff to be friendly and always willing to help either with exercise to avoid if injured.

Sally, 35

All the trainers at AGW are very knowledgeable, friendly and encouraging whether you are totally new to the gym or a regular. The gym has an excellent range of equipment and is never too busy.

Sarah, 55

To anyone nervous about making that first step into gym life, this is the gym for you as it is a great size and people are always on hand with advice on how to use the equipment.

Theresa & Godfrey, 60+

We have been trained by AGW for a few years, the quality of attention to detail has remained consistently high

Tom, 33

Fantastic gym. Great atmosphere. Always made to feel welcome by the staff. They are happy to help with any advice you need and point you in the right direction with dieting, food plans etc.

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