Age: 53

Facing my 50s and not fit enough (or slim enough) I decided to start training just over 3 years ago to build up my core strength to make me match fit for my 60s.


There is no way I would have achieved what I have without AGW's personal trainers keeping me on the straight and narrow. Adam and his team constantly raise the bar and make me do exercises I didn't think I was strong enough to do!


The AGW gym has a supportive and friendly atmosphere (when we are allowed to be there) but the Zoom training sessions have been a great success too during Lockdown.

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Age: 44

I started at AGW in 2017, and varied between PT and gym membership, based around my personal circumstances.


I wanted to get stronger, lose a little weight, but primarily focused on the strength and tone.

One of my first challenges for myself was to be strong enough to do pull ups and headstands, both of which are now second nature, both I thought I would never be able to do!

Having previously been members of major Gym chains, I honestly would never revert back to such. AGW has the equipment that I need, and such a personal and friendly approach, which you don't find often.

They've taught me so much about the basic fundamentals of fitness, from how to achieve my personal results, and that it doesn't happen overnight.

Everyone in the gym is like a family, good to learn from others, and Adam is always on hand, and happy to assist or answer any questions. Again, you don't find this often, if at all in my experience! No one there feels out of place, unfit or similar, in fact, you'll find the total opposite! The support from all that attend is huge, and all make you feel welcome.


Throughout lock down, support has been at hand whether a PT client or not, which has kept me on track, albeit not as much as usual, but provided me with the motivation to get back asap!


Age: 58

I have been training at AGW for over 7 years ever since I stopped sitting behind a desk 12 hours a day 5 days a week.


My original goals were lose weight and live longer ! Within 12 months my fitness, strength and general health improved substantially, oh and I burnt loads of fat, 15kg worth!


More importantly I now understand the importance of maintaining strength and sensible nutrition for long term health benefits.


I am 58 years old, my goal is to stay as active as I can, and play sports as long as I can as old age approaches.


Everyone has different goals, everyone is at different stages in their lives but whatever your personal circumstances the time to start improving your health is now.


We all know tomorrow never comes, so whatever your goals are, if you want to achieve them in a safe, clean, friendly environment the good news is, you've found the right place and the right team.


I began my journey with AGW following a chance discussion with a friend and found life changing benefits.


My advice to anyone and everyone would be do it, do it now, just make that call. You will be so glad you did.


Age: 46

I’ve been training at AGW since it opened.  Through the years I’ve had weight loss and weight gain. At some points I’ve had real focus and determination and at other points I’ve totally lost my way.


All through this AGW have been supportive, non judgmental and pushed me in every training session.


Weight maybe my sole focus but through the PT sessions I have improved strength and fitness - and it has certainly helped my mental health.  

AGW do an amazing job and I would recommend them to everyone! 


Age: 35

I started training at AGW in February 2017 shortly after the birth of my daughter at the end of December. 

Their initial task was to help me lose the baby weight and get me fit for a competitive horse riding season starting that spring.

Adam devised an excellent programme factoring in all my previous injuries which were extensive. 

Since then my programme has adapted as I have become fitter and also kept me training all the way throughout my second pregnancy.

Since I began training my structural back and neck problems have virtually gone away and my posture is noticeably better. 

All the trainers at AGW are very knowledgeable, friendly and encouraging whether you are totally new to the gym or a regular. The gym has an excellent range of equipment and is never too busy.


Age: 41

I have been training at AGW Fitness for the past 6 years and have had a thoroughly enjoyable experience.


All Personal Training sessions are meticulously planned to meet my specific individual needs and training goals.


I have found that there is a clear focus on progressive overload which means I can observe my progress during each training session.


I have also found that Personal Training sessions are varied and enjoyable which has meant that motivation and confidence levels remain high.


The advice and guidance provided whilst training is excellent and allows me to take ownership and be accountable for my progress.


I would highly recommend Personal Training at AGW Fitness.

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Theresa & Godfrey 

Age: 60+

We have been trained by AGW for a few years, the quality of attention to detail has remained consistently high and the enthusiasm that we experience keeps us motivated to improve our fitness.

Despite not wanting to work out we always end up feeling loads better, stronger and more flexible.

They must be magicians!



Age: 33

When I started at AGW Fitness, it was with a tentative attitude, never really thinking I would stick with it and expecting myself to quit within six months, like I had at my previous gym. 

But I am still attending, three to four times a week, nearly two years later.


The main reason for that is the friendly environment at AGW, who have personal trainers determined to help you achieve your goals.


A misconception I had before joining was that the gym would be full of people who were 'the finished article', but what is great is that you see so many people at so many different levels, working to achieve different things.


I would honestly recommend AGW to anyone and have even managed to get one of my mates to join to add to the enjoyment. It's well worth getting involved.