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Sally, 35

Sally, 35

I started training at agw in February 2017 shortly after the birth of my daughter at the end of December.

Their initial task was to help me lose the baby weight and get me fit for a competitive horse riding season starting that spring.

Adam devised an excellent programme factoring in all my previous injuries which were extensive.

Since then my programme has adapted as I have become fitter and also kept me training all the way throughout my second pregnancy.

Since I began training my structural back and neck problems Have virtually gone away and my posture is noticeably better.

All the trainers at agw are very knowledgeable, friendly and encouraging whether you are totally new to the gym or a regular. The gym has an excellent range of equipment and is never too busy.

I strongly recommend agw to anyone

Huge thanks to agw for all your assistance helping me achieve my goals

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