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Julia, 56

Julia, 56

I joined AGW in late 2020 a few weeks after my daughter, who raved about her new find after coming home from Uni. With COVID restrictions in place, the gym was very clean, well organised and felt safe.

Staff and other members made me feel very welcome and at ease in my new surroundings. Abi designed a workout programme for me and took time to walk me through it.

After a few weeks of regular attendance, we went into full lockdown in January. Adam and his team were very supportive and emailed lots of info to help me continue to train at home. We were even offered the loan of equipment from the gym.

In April I started weekly PT sessions with Adam in addition to training to focused plans provided by the Team. The sessions focus on correct technique and progressive improvement. Whilst the PT sessions are challenging, I don’t ever feel pushed beyond my capability or at risk of injury.

My goals when joining were increased strength and fitness, with some fat loss. In a four month period I have definitely gained strength and am starting to lose inches where needed.

Training with AGW is a positive and fun experience for me and I’m optimistic about the results I’ll see going forward - Thankyou for your support :)

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