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Lee, 48

Lee, 48

I signed up with AGW's Fitness & Weight Loss Program to work on 3 areas, 1. Lose weight 2. Gain some 'Core' strength 3. Improve my running fitness. I am please to say that through the program and with the help from Adam and Abi I have achieved all of these goals. I have recently smashed 3 PBs at running events and am feeling so much fitter and healthier.

The progression through the weeks has been incremental and consistent. Even though I feel I have achieved the goals I originally set, I fully intend to continue my program and set some new goals for the coming months.

I really enjoyed the format of the program - this also worked really well for me. I was normally able to manage 3 sessions per week, which is a lot for me (on top of maintaining some running), but being able to go to the gym with the group kept me on track. The trainers are hugely supportive and kind.

Thanks to Adam, Abi and Cameron.

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