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Ian, 59

Ian, 59

It has been seven years since I started at AGW having previously tried many local gyms.

At first I was somewhat apprehensive about starting at a gym based in a rugby club. I imagined an intimidating atmosphere of aggression, testosterone and competition.

I needn't have worried, as instead I found an atmosphere of high professionalism, meticulous standards, friendship and real encouragement.

The equipment is top-end and always immaculate, the temperature always perfect for working out and the full views out to the pitch always uplifting.

All the trainers are highly qualified and super helpful. From the start I decided to enroll in having 1:1 personal training sessions as I was keen to have a professionally planned (and so injury free) journey to better fitness.

Now after many 100s of hours of personal training I am yet to do a single rep that wasn't watched and guided closely by the trainers.

No gazing on their phones or out the window while you work out at AGW. They are present and with me every rep and every minute, session after session, week after week and year after year and they also plan for me the sessions I do on my own.

The standards have remained insanely high! Oh, and I should also mention the frequent laughter and warm friendship has made it easy to keep turning up despite knowing I will be pushed to work that bit harder. And yes, my heath has been completely transformed.

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