Lee, 48

I have recently smashed 3 PBs at running events and am feeling so much fitter and healthier.

Ian, 60

Thanks also to all you fellow team mates for the laughs and encouragement, hope to see you in the next phase. 😀

Di, 48

I am loads fitter and stronger and have lost both weight and cm’s which is fantastic.

Linda, 66

The programme has certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I am on track to lose my excess stone & feel fitter than I have done in years.

Anna, 37

Being part of a lovely supportive group, with an excellent personal trainer has helped me progress miles beyond what I have ever done before.

Richard, 33

The combination of regular sessions and better eating means I've lost the best part of a stone across the 8 week programme.

David, 43

Would definitely recommend and looking forward to the final results next week.

Bob, 69

I would recommend this course to anyone whatever they are aiming to achieve, because the balance of it they cannot fail.