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David, 43

David, 43

Like a lot folk, The lockdown was not too kind to the waist line. When the gyms finally opened in June I was keen to get back into some semblance of fitness and loose a few pounds.

After a positive start, I injured my back and Adam made a back rehab program for me which was great but very light gym work and so eventually I lost my enthusiasm to keep going.

Once my back was sorted I still had little motivation to go back, so when Adam mentioned the 8 week course, I wasn’t overly keen (if I am being really honest), but I knew if a group of people were signing up it would help motivate me to get back into things.

It was a bumpy start but I got into the swing of things in week 2 and have really enjoyed the classes and the workout routines.

The food counter is certainly an eye opener, especially a festive Baileys this time of year…!

It has really shown me how many calories I am eating Vs calories I am burning – which unsurprisingly is not many tapping on a keyboard all day... What has been great about this course is there is no pressure to suddenly go mad, only eat lettuce and burn all things deemed not that heathy (but delicious).

The team at the gym set up a tailored calory and protein plan to each member of the group, this means you control what you eat and the simple online sheet explains how many calories you have today, fill that in and it will give you tomorrows objective.

But the best bit, if you go over your allowance, have a heavy weekend for example I means it is nearly Christmas after all, Its not an issue you can make up for it over the course of the week, so its completely up to you how you want to hit that quota, so burgers, pizza and bacon are still on the menu. 😊

All the team at the gym have been great and supportive, as well as the other people doing the course, its really helped get my gym motivation back and really does make you think if you need that biscuit…

Would definitely recommend and looking forward to the final results next week.

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