Arm Exercises

12 Week Life Changing Program

This program was designed as a factory reset, for anyone that feels they have lost their way and need someone to help take control of their health and fitness to encourage a long healthy, happier life.

We take you through a health check, general health blood test and get you set up with a CGM all explained below.

Then we get to work, with all the data now collated we design a plan specific to you. Your plan will consist of 3 hours a week of gym training at AGW with one of our highly qualified trainers, nutrition tracking and advice as well as a supplement plan.


We can guaranty if you stick to the plan for the 12 weeks this program will change your life.

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Health Check

To start with give you a health check which includes Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Level & 3D Body Scans


The Styku 3D body scanner performs a body shape analysis, determines body composition (fat vs. lean body mass), and helps you meet your body composition goals by calculating your daily caloric expenditure and maximum caloric intake that meets your goals. It's the most accurate way to track real progress in your goals. Click here for more information.


General Health Blood Test

What can a general health check tell you?

A general health check gives you a clear picture of what’s going on inside and how to support your body. Check everything from your cholesterol levels to your liver function and vitamin D levels.

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Continuous Glucose Monitoring

What is a Continuous Glucose Monitor?

A CGM is a small non-invasive device that stays on the back of your arm for two weeks and measures your glucose values 24/7. CGMs are changed out every two weeks to help ensure data accuracy.

What does my CGM show?

The CGM in your arm will automatically capture your glucose level every 15 minutes. After scanning the sensor with an NFC-enabled smartphone, the NutriSense app dashboard will display your glucose activity and blood glucose score.
Want to know how your glucose reacted to your lunch or your new exercise routine? You can log or import meals, exercise, sleep and even stress, then see the effect on your levels as soon as it happens.


Training Sessions

A part of this package you'll be completing weight training sessions as well as short low intensity cardio workouts.

There are many benefits to Weight Training which is why we promote strength training over anything else.

The program includes 36 one to one personal training sessions (3 per week). These are sessions with one of our highly qualified trainers.

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They are hour sessions and your trainer will take you through a personalised program designed to reach your goals discussed in your health check.

You also get full access to the gym during opening hours. We include this to do any cardio sessions we ask you to do.

For more information send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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