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12 Week Course Starting Date 4th April 2022

AGW Fitness can show you the path to health, fitness and weight-loss success! 

We have designed this program with the sole purpose to make you healthier, happier and of course lose those extra pounds before summer.

All we ask is that you 'Trust The Process' and stick to the program for the 12 weeks.

We don't expect you to do every group session or come to the gym every day, we just ask you do what you can in and around your lifestyle.

This course is flexible and we’ll work with you to reach your health and fitness goals.

Program Detail

  • 12 Week Course

  • Group Personal Training Sessions

  • Full Gym Access

  • Gym & Home Workout Plans

  • 3D Body Scans & Reports

  • Healthy Food Recipe eBooks

  • Nutrition Advice & Tracking

  • Support Group via our App

Change your life today, by joining our next Fitness & Weight Loss Program.

To date our members have lost a combined 15st 8lbs worth of fat whilst gaining muscle improving their fitness and reducing the risk of health conditions.

The feedback we’ve had from our members as well as the obvious physical changes, has included experiencing improvements in mood, energy levels and sleep, all whilst training in a relaxed fun environment.  

Read the testimonials below and what the program includes. If you have any further question please get in contact.


Program Detail

Start Date

The course will run for 12 weeks from 4th April 2022 - 25th June 2022 

Group Personal Training Sessions
We will be running group personal training sessions on Monday at 8:00pm, Wednesday at 11:45am, Friday at 6:45pm and Saturday at 8:00am. Sessions are 1 hour long and are a mixture of resistance and cardio exercises with our main focus being health, strength & fitness.

Gym Access
You have full access to the gym during our opening hours which are 8:00am - 9:00pm Monday to Friday and 9:00am - 2:00pm Saturdays 

Workout Plans
You will have gym, home and mobility plans to choose from. Each plan is for the full 12 weeks and is designed so you can do them around your lifestyle.
3D Body Scanner

We are introducing NEW innovative health screens in 3D. Completely private, and contactless. Measures fat, muscle, and bone mass. Visualize your progress in 3D. Click Here for more information.

You will receive our healthy food recipe eBooks. These are great to look through to get ideas for different food options.

Nutrition Advice & Tracking
A big part of this course is the nutrition tracking. We will be giving you your individual calorie & macro target to hit, and you'll be tracking your food using our very easy to use app..

Support Group via our App
This support group is a group formed of everyone that is doing the course. It's just a communal place to share meal & exercise ideas as well as encourage each other. 

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Summer Health, Fitness & Weight loss Program

Trust the process - Find your strength