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Online Personal Training at AGW Fitness

This is the option we think will suit you best take a look at what it includes. If you are interested and want to take the next step or you want more details Click the link below to tell us a bit about you.

What This Package Includes

Online Training
Face to Face Personal Training Sessions
Bespoke Gym or Home Training Plan
Nutrition Tracking
Meal Ideas
3D Body Scanning
AGW Fitness Academy Membership
AGW Fitness App
  • Bespoke Training Program to follow and do any sessions either at home or at the gym.

  • Nutrition Plan for you to follow, nothing to complicated! just simple meal logging and calorie tracking.

  • Weekly Check-in with your trainer either in person or over the phone.

  • Access to the AGW Fitness Academy member portal which includes workouts, exercise demos, meal ideas, fitness blog and more..

  • Access to all AGW Fitness Classes if you choose to. 

  • 24/7 Support from your trainer through the app.

AGW Fitness App Features

  • View your training programs, assessments, coaching, tracking, and messages in app.

  • Demo videos with descriptions of the exercises in your workouts so you always know exactly what to do at every step.

  • Record your results with ease and see the progress you make over time.

  • Fill out your online personal training forms and assessments.

  • Notifications and in app messages to keep you on track even when times are tough.


Benefits of Online Personal Training


  • Train at a time and place that suits you. Saving you time and hassle. This makes getting in great shape much easier and helps keep you fit and strong whatever life throws at you.

  • Get coaching, accountability, workouts and support all inside your app. This means you can work with your trainer on every aspect of getting results and smash your goals.

  • Your personal trainer will be able to check your exercise technique and results through the app to ensure you're doing everything correctly, stay safe when exercising, and keep progressing towards your targets.

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