I’ve always admired people’s transformation photos, but I never thought I’d be posting one myself. A lot has changed in a year!
I joined AGW Fitness in November 2014; at the time I wouldn’t have said that I led a particularly unhealthy lifestyle, but the difference I have seen in my fitness levels, and looking at those photos from last year now, has proved me wrong.
I began with going to the boot-camp classes with Adam and Dave, which was a great way to get into regular fitness in a fun way and with the encouragement of the other class members and the AGW team throughout the session. I also went with my mum, and found it great that we could spur each other on to go the classes and push ourselves that little bit harder.
I then upped my levels of exercise by combining the class with two visits to the gym per week, and have now signed up to have weekly PT sessions with Si.
What I love about AGW Fitness is the bespoke approach they take to help everyone achieve their individual goals. When I joined, Adam took the time to put together a programme that would help me achieve not only my weight loss and fitness targets, but most importantly kept me motivated and actually resulted in me enjoying going to the gym…not something I thought I would ever say!
It’s taken plenty of motivation and hard work, with no quick fixes, but I’m incredibly proud of what I’ve managed to achieve. It’s not until you put things side-by-side that the transformation hits home.  
Not only have I’ve lost two stone and dropped from a size 14 to size 10, but my body shape has completely changed and I feel much fitter and healthier. Through a dedicated exercise programme combined with healthy eating (food as fuel rather than ‘low fat fads’!), I now have a lot more energy, my skin feels better, and I feel stronger and fitter.
Changing my lifestyle too has helped me see such dramatic results. Now, instead of heading straight home after a long day at work and having a glass of wine and a meal, I’ll head to the gym and feel 10 times better for it. I’m seeing food as a form of nutrition, rather than eating ‘just because’, and discussing new recipe ideas with Si as part of my PT sessions has been a great motivation to keep my focus.
I cannot recommend the team at AGW Fitness highly enough. Adam, Si and Dave are committed to finding a routine for you and will work with you to be motivational and encouraging every step of the way. I’ve just completed my second course of PT sessions and am about to embark on the third, and hope to continue to become an even healthier and fitter version of my former self.



I know it sounds cliche to say but AGW Fitness really has changed my life.  As you can see from the pictures, I look like a different person and in many ways I am a different person.  All thanks to supportive friends and family but mainly due to the guys at AGW.


I started training with AGW two years ago with two boot camp classes a week and two personal training sessions a week, plus nutritional plans and programmes written for my morning gym sessions.  This has seen a total transformation in body shape, a four stone weight loss and massive changes in health and fitness levels.  I have participated in two sprint triathlons and two mud obstacle races.  Something I would never have contemplated before.  (I could barely run for 30 seconds two years ago).


Has it been easy? NO !! It's been hard work and continues to be hard work.  There are no quick wins, no easy fixes.  Some weeks it goes well, other weeks not so much.  I now understand that I am not on a diet and I am not going to get where want to by wishing it.  There are lots of slogans out there but the simplest is 'eat right, train right' and that is what I go with now.


So what can I say about the guys at AGW Fitness??


They are highly professional and truly know their stuff.  They treat you as an individual (not just another member or another programme).  They really understand your aims, goals and capabilities and write programmes accordingly and push you to achieve those goals.


They are extremely patient too.  I must've driven them bonkers at times with my moaning about progress & results, my love for Prosecco & partying and my going on and on about my non shifting "jelly belly".  They have remained motivating and inspiring throughout and has always got me back on track....eventually.


I would recommend AGW Fitness to anyone.  Adam and his team are professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and driven.  They push you to your limits but every session is fun and enjoyable due to their friendly and down to earth attitudes.  They make it their business to truly understand your targets and do everything in their power to help you achieve them.


Excellent work guys....keep it up



I started working with AGW Fitness in January 2014, I opted for the personal training option.  Since that time I have achieved a marked improvement in the size of my chest, biceps, waist, etc. top half bigger, bottom half smaller!

I had reservations about personal training - two good friends of mine recommended the AGW team because of the way that they work with people (also I saw the results that they'd achieved).


So specific things that I value and like about AGW:

1) Firm and encouraging communication style - they don't yell meaningless drivel.

2) Proper preparation before and after sessions - I have had no injuries.

3) There is variety when it comes to the sessions so I don't become stale and then stall with my training.

4) I have got results (and continue to do so) swiftly without having to go crazy and 'live like a monk in a gym'.


Really excellent work guys - Keep on doing what you do in the way that you do it....I'm going to keep on coming and training!


PS Even my 10 year old daughter (a difficult audience to garner praise from) said that my legs looked "more secure".



I have been going to AGW Fitness for a year now and I have to say it has made a world of difference my fitness levels are the best they have ever been I'm losing weight at a controlled speed and my confidence levels have improved greatly. The PT sessions are addictive no matter how much pain I am put through I just keep going back for more. Both Adam and Dave are very professional and friendly always available for a chat or to answer any questions you might have. The atmosphere in the gym is very friendly and the equipment is modern, all in all a very enjoyable experience.



As a gym AGW is a great place to workout, a great atmosphere and really great range of equipment - there isn't much you can't do. Personally I love the outdoor area (tyres, sled, ropes, etc), it keeps my workouts interesting.


The gym is good, the PT is even better. Last year I had major surgery for a rugby injury and I asked Adam and Dave to help me with my rehab. Months ahead of my surgeons estimates I was fit and played in the first game of the season less than 4 months after coming out of hospital.

A year later i am fitter and stronger than I have ever been and this is down to the guys at AGW - Daves training programmes and nutrition plans are researched meticulously to my exact goals and the guys are great at keeping me motivated.


If you are at another gym, why? - get to AGW. If you are struggling with fitness goals - talk to Adam and Dave. Getting in shape has never been so simple.



It is wonderful to witness an operation run with such outrageously high standards, integrity, professionalism and care. Obviously you enjoy working for your clients. 

The results after just one year has more than exceeded my expectations and even hopes. As evidenced by my last medical check-up concluding with my GP saying, “You’re an obscenely healthy gentleman”.  Believe me he would not have said that 12 months earlier.  For years my health/fitness was gradually getting worse and I knew it was time to stop procrastinating and get it sorted.  But looking at the evidence I lacked the commitment to keep a healthy lifestyle going for long enough to build deep-rooted habits and see real results. I’m now 52 and thanks to your support I could out run, jump, lift, push and stretch me at 26!  I can’t remember feeling this healthy.

I find it difficult to put into words the immense gratitude I feel for the difference you have facilitated in my life as well as the lives of my two sons and close friends who, having witnessed the transformation of my health, all decided to join the party and are now AGW fitness advocates themselves.  So thanks guys for an always spotless gym with a great atmosphere, for top-end and immaculately clean equipment, for personal training sessions where each one has been carefully pre-planned specifically for me and executed with focus and care, for perfect punctuality and for consistently getting the balance right between friendship, support and challenge as coaches. It has been a year of much sweat, laughter, breakthrough and reward.  I’m dying to see what results another year can produce!  


Thank you AGW Fitness for the 3 stone lighter me, and for pushing me more than I would push myself.  I feel that you guys have really transformed my life and my body, looking back I just really needed that inspiration from someone that could just push me that little bit further


This is a big 'Thank You!' to Dave and Adam you guys are amazing you have helped me on the journey to having the fitness and body I have always wanted to have..



I've been doing 2 PT sessions a week with Adam and David for the past 6
months in preparation for my first season of Triathlons.  I think the length of time I have been training with them is testament to their ability.  I've been particularly impressed with their commitment to ensure that a training and nutritional plan met my specific requirements.  The combination of the plans they have devised for me, and their professionalism and support have enabled me to reduce my times in all three
Tri disciplines, and so the overall objective for the training has been met - Thank you chaps!



AGW Fitness has had an entirely positive impact on my fitness and my life! Adam and

David listened to what I wanted to achieve and then invested the time in building a specific fitness and nutrition program to get there. They are flexible, professional, courteous and provide encouragement at all the right times - I'm stronger, fitter, faster and have more energy than I did 12 weeks ago. Time and money well spent.



Dave and Adam are not your average trainers and AGW is not your typical gym. It is a place that is full of great workouts, great people and attention to not only the exercise but everything you need to get great results. Sportsman or just want to look good they have helped me on my journey to meeting my goals.



I was a complete novice and I am now addicted to the gym and bootcamp... The instructors are very professional and friendly and are always there to help. I have had my workout program specialised for my needs and I asked for a diet plan which they helped me with. I am very happy with the quality of service they provide and I would recommend this gym and bootcamp to everyone of all age, size and fitness....



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