1-2-1 Personal Training

Looking to take your training to the next level? Got a wedding or holiday to get in shape for? Or an event to peak for? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then our 1-2-1 Personal Training packages are what you are looking for.


Our highly qualified, enthusiastic, and passionate trainers will tailor a specific and personalised training program for you and give you all the guidance you need to reach your goals.


What you can expect from our AGW Trainers; 

  • Analysis and correction of poor or incorrect technique which may lead to muscle imbalances, over or under active muscles and potentially injuries.
  • Encouragement and direction for you to perform to your best, which even the most dedicated of us need.
  • Expert training sessions, with continuous progressions and variety in your training to make sure you don’t hit that dreaded plateau or get bored with your training, which is essential for long term progress and results.
  • Constant support and advice on any training and nutrition questions you may have.
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