Introducing a brand new way to workout 

Starting 2nd March 2020


This brand new workout is designed to get you in the best shape of your life.


Working in small groups of 3 to 5 people, you get the personal touch of personal training, as well as the enjoyment of working in a group in these 45min sessions.


Sessions will be at 6:00am & ‪7:00am every weekday. 


BBP is a periodised workout with 3 x 4 week phases designed to improve your strength, fitness and shed body fat.


Whether you do 1 session a week or 5, BBP is designed to suit everyone.


So gather a few friends, work colleges or come on your own and meet new people. 



This phase is the BASE for the plan, setting you up to perform at your best in the next two phases. You’ll increase your base strength and fitness, allowing you to perform at higher intensities later on.



This phase BUILDS on the previous phase and will help you to further build your strength, muscle and fitness.



You’ve BUILT on your BASE strength and fitness and now set yourself up perfectly to be able to be at your PEAK performance for this phase. The intensity will go up and performance will be high.


This plan is design so you can join at anytime throughout the plan, but to get the full benefit of BBP get booked in to start the base phase. 

About us

AGW Fitness is a small personal gym in Towcester offering a wide range of services, which include Gym Memberships, 1-2-1 & 2-2-1 Personal Training, Small Group Training and Fitness classes.


We try to be different from other gyms by extending our personal trainers knowledge and experience to anyone that requires it. Whether it’s one of our personal training members, a gym member or it might even be a class member that needs some advice. We try to know everyone’s face and help them as much as possible through their fitness journey.


Annual Gym Membership, No Contract Membership

Both Include AGW Bootcamps

1-2-1 Personal Training, 2-2-1 Personal Training, Small Group Personal Training

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